Podojil & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1999 after a tragic accident  occurred in a facility where Mr. Podojil was employed as a Corporate Safety and Health Manager of technical Support.  Senior management was made aware of a variety of serious unsafe conditions and poor management attitudes that were occurring in the workplace.  As a result of senior management not following the advice of their professionals, two employees were involved in an electrical explosion that severely injured them.  Management stated to Mr. Podojil “You are part of the team right Jack?” since OSHA is on the way.  MR. Podojil;s response was to them was “TEAM means “Together Everyone Achieves More”  Lying for people who are not doing their job to protect the company and their most valuable resource, their employees and then trying to cover up the accident is not being part of a team”  Mr. Podojil left that company and formed Podojil & Associates, Inc.

Every day the news has a story about a worker injured or killed on the job. We see workplace safety, health as everyone’s responsibility.  By offering our professional consulting services and certified / credentialed training courses to management, supervisors, and employees, we strive to improve the safety of the work .

From onsite instruction, performing safety, health and environmental audits, to creating professional and certified courses that are current and relevant; Podojil & Associates, Inc. is committed to sharing our knowledge with our clients.  Our consultants and our professional and certified instructors are available to support our clients conducting on-site visits, by email or phone and can provide resources to them.