Industrial, Manufacturing and Facility Safety Audits, Inspections

​Evaluating your risk by conducting a thorough facility or organizational safety audit can be a benefit in many ways. A safety audit is a tool that can be utilized to improve safety and attitudes in the workplace. A safety audit is an inventory or checklist of items specifically geared to your operations. It allows you to take action, correct hazards, and determine the appropriate actions to take to achieve the desired safety goals. Measuring your safety performance also provides a baseline to compare future safety initiatives against. 

​What is your desired data outcome? 

​1. Determine the effectiveness of your safety program

2. Identify compliance deficiencies 

3. Suggest safety solutions 

4. Improve the environment and personnel safety 

5. Reduce incidents and injuries 

6. Increase workplace safety pride 

7. Protect your greatest asset…your employees 

​​A safety audit is a simple but powerful tool and is designed to inspire your team to get involved. Our professionals have years of experience conducting safety audits. We built a solid reputation throughout the U.S. by delivering proven, practical solutions to safety challenges in industrial and construction activities since 1986. Contact us today to explore our capabilities and partner with a contemporary and progressive professional safety services company. 

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