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Safety, Health, Environmental Consulting Services

Safety, Health, Environmental Consulting ServicesSafety, Health, Environmental Consulting ServicesSafety, Health, Environmental Consulting Services

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Hi Jack,

I really enjoyed your trenching and excavation class ; you bring such a wealth of knowledge, thanks again.

Ellen Ray 

Dear Jack Podojil

I am a Vet, who took your class at UCLA, General Standards, and was moved by your teaching. I've been keeping in touch with all areas of OSHA at the work place. I just applied for OSHA Dual Certificate, at UC San Diego. I look forward when you teach a class again. I read all your news related items in OSHA.


Armando Galindo

Good morning Jack. I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the learning that I received, the outstanding manner in which you conducted our trench/excavation trainer class. It was top notch! I gained much knowledge in the class.

Tim Kinsella, CHST

Safety Manager


SCOP Project

Las Vegas, NV


Thank you for your sharing. I really enjoy your class and your "firmness" regarding protecting the workers. It is not easy to fight this war alone and I am moved by your efforts and spirits. You have a very supportive family. Let us continue to work together to provide a safe work place for the workers.

Thanks for your news letter. I am also write to remind you regarding information on OTSA and hope you enjoy your stay in Hawaii. Best wishes to you and your family.

Tin Chao Supervisor State of Hawaii (OSHA)


First I would like to say thanks - as opposed to some of the boring monotone seminars I have attended in the past that only had the ultimate objective of selling me a book or program, you provided an enthusiastic environment and a practical approach for teaching the basics of Machine Guarding. I wish my company had allotted more time for additional training

Alan Williams

Sr. Project Engineer

Tyco Healthcare Group

Jack and Jason forward this to anyone you wish

I in my 25 years of safety have never came upon a more dedicated group of people who wish to train “us” safety people and make it interesting as well. I hope Jack that you continue to supply these very professional classes.

David Shepstone

Safety Administrator

Superior Gunite


I have my last class in November and then I will have obtained my duel certificate. I will then continue to get my bachelors from Columbia. I can not say thank you enough for your support and your willingness to share your experiences and take the time out to teach me. I realize that you teach all those you come in contact with but I want you to know that I felt like you taught ME which has made me look at safety in a very different light. I mean, I have never been brought to tears in any other class I have ever taken (and I have taken A LOT of classes). It is never “just a job”..it is a way of life. Thank you again for all you have done to make this world a better place. My best to you, your wife, and family. I hope to run into you sometime again during this life as you truly are a special person who made a difference.


Amber Candela-Cooney

Hi Jack,

I just want to take time to thank you for the training class this week and for all the information that you placed on my flash drive. What can I say, you are an awesome person and I will never forget your instruction methods, passion, kindness and your commitment to excellence. I am praying that our paths will cross again.

Please give my regards to you wife and have a great weekend.

Thanks again.

Ionie Wallace, REHS

Supervising Hazardous Materials Specialist

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0799


I really want to thank you for your knowledge and passion teaching all of us this week. I had attended different safety classes throughout my life and I never run into someone like you. Because of your passion and dedication some of us want to learn more and shared with others. I know what you are going truth with your wife’s illness because I already had experience firsthand with my first wife ten year ago, most recently with my brother and father. So God bless you and your family.

Ones again, thank you.


Bert Munoz, ALCM, LCS

Sr. Loss Control Consultant


Thanks again for a well taught class. I can truly say that this has been the best class I have ever taken by far. I have taken so much away from your class. Thanks again for all your hard work. Jack, if there is anything I can ever do for you, let me know! I do not say that lightly. I really mean it. My prayers will be with you and your wife. Let me know if you ever have the time to visit me at work, and I will give you a

tour of the LAUSD warehouse. Take care Jack, and God bless! Jim P.S. I plan to take the "Forklift - Train The Trainer"

Thanks Jack the class was great and one of the best I have attended in a long time, I will be keeping in touch.

I will take what I learned and put it to great use to make my team safe, so at the end of the day they go home.


Mr. Michael E Wills

Chief Inside/ Outside Plant

Network Enterprise Center

Fort Huachuca ,AZ

Hey Jack. 

Many thanks for the class. I have not participated in a Train the Trainer class like this ever. My “little grey cells” were taxed to the max. I have heard the same from several of the other class participates. Anyway enough. I could go one for the remainder. You mentioned to me that I could request from you a Fall Protection Guidebook and some various JSA forms. I would appreciate your help in this matter.

Sincerely hope your wife is much better.

Thanks. Tom

Thomas Wilson, Safety Manager, ECC

KE&G Construction, Inc.

5100 S. Alvernon