Why Choose Podojil Consulting Services

Ongoing client programs – designed specifically for your situation – enable us to provide significant value for improving compliance and helping to implement best practices. You can rely on our expertise in regulations enforced by DOT, OSHA, EPA, DOL and hundreds of state agencies

Regulatory Expertise

Podojil’s knowledgeable safety consultants, combined with our vast product selection, are why clients exclusively rely on us to help them with all things safety or regulatory related. By working with us, you tap into an entire network of Podojil who will provide accurate information you can depend on.

More than 70 in-house regulatory subject-matter experts monitor regulations, provide interpretations, write and publish articles, and answer hundreds of compliance questions every day.

Recognized leader in regulatory compliance help.

Specialized Knowledge in:


Hazardous Materials (PHMSA/TDG)

Transport Canada (MVS)

OSHA (Federal & State)

EPA (Federal, State & Local)


Dedicated Associates

Clients work side-by-side with our regulatory compliance experts, who deliver services and solutions that minimize the clients specific risk areas.

48+ years of combined safety & regulatory experience,worked for OSHA,helped build the OSHA Training Institutes

Located nationwide

Deep regulatory knowledge and real-world industry experience

Long-Term Safety Compliance

Our programs with clients span the course of many months and sometimes years—which enables us to provide significant value over typical short-term, transactional services. Our consultants truly become an integral part your safety program.

100+ long-term clients who rely on us to help them develop and improve their safety and compliance results

98% of our clients say Podojil Consulting Services positively impacts their organization

Reduction of injuries and worker’s compensation costs

Rely on our Consulting Services team to help protect your company, reduce your risk, and improve your safety & compliance

Podojil & Associates Inc., mission is to provide a common sense approach to helping and advising our clients with achieving regulatory compliance with federal, state, regional, and local safety, health, requirements.  This is achieved by providing leading-edge, state of the art safety, health and consulting services and providing them with professional and certified educational training programs 

Consulting Services

Get tailored regulatory expertise at your site. Our veteran consultants bring their deep compliance and best practice knowledge to you. You can rely on our expertise in regulations enforced by DOT, OSHA, EPA, DOL and hundreds of state agencies.

Workplace Safety Consulting

Reduce accidents, lower workers’ comp costs, ensure compliance and control insurance premiums.

Environmental Consulting

Keep your employees safe and your company in compliance with guidance and reporting.

Hazardous Materials Consulting

Improve compliance gaps, adopt industry best practices and protect your company during legal action.

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