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1 — I am an American Veteran

2 — I proudly served my country

3 — I live the values I learned in the military

4 — I continue to serve my community, my country and my fellow veterans

5 — I maintain my physical and mental discipline

6 — I continue to lead and improve

7 — I make a difference

8 — I honor and remember my fallen comrades consulting machine guarding on line training


Why Choose Podojil & Associates IncORPORATED?

Experience Matters, Honesty and Integrity Matters

Why Choose Podojil & Associates Incorporated As Your Preferred Consulting Company?  Because Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is considered a world leading resource for the development, implementation and improvement of management systems to reduce business risk associated with safety, health and environmental management programs and systems. 

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated delivers value and solutions to support all phases of Safety, Health & Environmental program implementation.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated is flexible enough to provide the on-going support and level of involvement that best fits your Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) management requirements, desires and budgets.

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated staff is available to advise, assist and assess with: 

  • Program development
  • Audits and assessments
  • Consulting
  • Leadership and employee training
  • Customized training materials
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Management manual development
  • Research and development of customized Safety, Health & Environmental manuals and educational materials
  • Targeted program assessments
  • Accident/incident investigations
  • Improving profits through risk control

​​So....Why Choose  Podojil & Associates Incorporated?

  • Experienced professional staff
  • Practical management system tools, resources and solutions
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Training to meet your needs
  • An integrated approach to managing safety, health and environment
  • Behavior-based safety program techniques
  • Bi-lingual instructors
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Risk assessments of your management systems
  • Root Cause Analysis Technique training and products
  • A holistic approach to managing risks
  • Reliable and responsive customer services
  • On-going support and involvement to the degree you want
  • Solutions for Safety, Health & Environmental management problems

    Our team of  Podojil & Associates Incorporated subject matter experts are all certified in their respective fields and have earned their safety, health & environmental related degrees, professional certifications, but more importantly, have used this knowledge and experience by working on the job and in the many places of employment such as but not limited to factories, government agencies, construction sites, oil & gas industry, healthcare, food & beverage, casino gaming operations and support functions and much more.  

    We constantly strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, and credentials of our safety, health & environmental consultants through personal and professional growth initiatives. 

    Your focus should be on your core business.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated sole focus is providing quality safety, health & environmental services and professionals to help you and your company minimize risk and improve your company’s overall safety, health & environmental performance. With a large team of proven safety, health & environmental professionals, we can immediately provide the support you need at your work sites.

    All our consultants have worked as senior level managers at fortune 500 companies before we entered the consulting field.  Our consultants have been educated and have built, and implemented Safety, Health & Environmental programs that includes but is not limited to: 

    Expert Witness & OSHA Litigation Support   

    Developed Written Policy & Procedures That Qualify Our Clients to Become Certified by ISNetwolrd and Others.   

    Developed Behavior Based Programs  

Benefit from OSHA Experience and Knowledge.

Experience Matters

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated was originally founded by John F. Podojil who retried from the Boeing Company where he held the position as Corporate Manager of Safety, Health & Environmental Technical Support for the entire Boeing Company and its subsidiaries.  Mr. Podojil also held position of Training & Audit Program manager for the Department of the Navy and has also worked as a senior compliance officer from the U.S. Department of  Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Podojil & Associates Incorporated and its team of experts are uniquely qualified to develop and administer occupational safety and health training programs and courses for companies, unions, workers and trainer credentials for safety, health & environmental professionals.  

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated team has held senior course chair positions for Four (4) Leading OSHA TRAINING INSTITUTE EDUCATIONAL CENTERS (OTIEC).   Podojil & Associates Incorporated developed, established and taught educational programs for four (4) OSHA TRAINING INSTITUTE EDUCATIONAL CENTERS (OTIEC).  Not many in this business can make this statement.    

Our company provides Safety, Health & Environmental Audits and Risk Assessments for Both Construction & General Industry.    

Not only are we considered experts in the safety, health & environmental filed, we are the Industry Experts for Machine Safeguarding & Remediation.  Do Not Be Fooled by Others Stating that They Know This Subject.  Our Consultants Are Very Experienced in Working with Both Union and Non-Union Employees.  

Podojil & Associates Incorporated Believes "It Is Either Safe or It Is Unsafe".
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2019 safety, Health & Environmental Consulting rates

Consulting Rates


All Rates Schedule Based on Normal 10 Hour Day 

PRINCIPAL______________________$150.00 Per Hour



SENIOR ENGINEER___________$150.00 Per Hour

ENGINEER__________________$125.00 Per Hour 

TECHNICIAN________________$85.00 Per Hour 

DRAFTER __________________$95.00 Per Hour 

CLERICAL__________________$65.00 Per Hour
TRAVEL RATE______________50% of Normal Rate 

AIR FARE, MILEAGE, Food & Lodging is Based on Government GSA Rates - PLUS 10%

Note: These fees do not apply to providing expert legal support. Call for pricing.

Expires: December 31, 2019 consulting on line training
machine guarding


self study / distant learning course discounts

Additional Information


Through December 2020, we are offering our specialist & technician courses to qualified veterans and active duty US Military & Military Spouses a discount for 25% off the Podojil & Associates, Inc. course advertised price.  This discount does not apply to the  Podojil & Associates Incorporated / 360 training partner training.  Use promotional code " 12/2020" when registering for our discount.

To be able to obtain this special pricing, then please contact Mr. Tom Etter at (602) 206-1038.  Tom will ask you for the following documentation:

Podojil & Associates Incorporated course sign-up form 

Then Email him an image of your DD-214 with SSN redacted

If you are still on active duty, you can email him a copy of a service letter to establish eligibility for the discount.

If you are enrolled in an ROTC program, send us documentation of that and no rank is needed to be on your supporting documentation.  

A 25% discount is offered to military veterans who have a service connected disability of 50% or higher. 

A 20% discount is offered to military veterans who have a service

connected disability of 10% to 40% 


Podojil & Associates Incorporated Honors Our First Responders.

Podojil & Associates, Inc. recognizes and appreciates all First Responders, and would like to thank you for the services you so selflessly provide to your community.

We welcome Law Enforcement as well as all active career and volunteer Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and Search and Rescue Personnel, to take advantage of this discount on eligible services and courses.  It's our way of saying thank you to those that keep us safe at home and on the road.  State and local police, fire, and EMS workers are all eligible for a 25% discount.  

This discount also applies to current employees, retirees, or volunteers.  State and local police, fire, and EMS workers are all eligible for the discount, be they current employees, retirees, or volunteers. To receive this discount, you must show proff of working for these agencies.  Thank you for keeping our nation safe and in many ways, putting your life on the line for protecting and potential saving peoples lives.

These discounts only apply to Podojil & Associates Incorporated  distant learning / self-study courses and do not apply to Podojil & Associates, Incorporated / 360 Partner education.

Should anyone have any questions on these discount offers, please feel free to contact me directly at (612) 801-1032. 


Podojil & Associates, Incorporated You Tube Videos

About Our Company

As you take the time to visit our site and many services that we offer.  I wanted to introduce you to our company and what we may be able to provide to you.

Here are just some of the many videos that we were featured in and we are proud that we have had to opportunity to work with many people over our 45 years in the safety, health and environmental field.

Please start all of these you tube videos from the start of the presentation.

Merchandise falling on people Channel Nine(9) Minneapolis


Hawaii OSHA Speech - Oahu Hawaii


WCCO Channel Four (4) News School Technical Shop Safety


Workplace Violence South Seattle Community College - Seattle Washington


Podojil & Associates, Inc.  Department of Veterans Affairs West Los Angeles Healthcare System forklift training qualification road test.  This course is two days in length.  First day of course is classroom training and the second day is qualification training. 

The industrial truck operators only had 6" on either side of their wheels and must go through the obstacle course both forward and backwards.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated also trains "Industrial Truck & Aerial Lift Train the Trainer courses"

Beware of any other vendors / organization that offers shorter version industrial / forklift training courses.  It simply can not be done any faster.


We have other presentations that we can share if you are interested. consulting on line training
machine guarding


Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Services


Podojil & Associates Incorporated believes that Distance Learning / Independent Study can increase access to educational courses for our students who are not located near a classroom taught course.

Distance Learning / Independent Study can also increase opportunities for students across the globe, ensuring that students don't have to choose a school based solely on its location. 

 In many ways, taking a Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Distant Learning / Independent Study courses are like attending a traditional face-to-face course.  

 When you enroll to take a Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Distant Learning / Independent Study course, you will still have a Podojil & Associates, Incorporated will assign an instructor to work with you on your class assignments and offer you educational assistance if needed. 

All of the elements of a traditional course the syllabus, the course material, textbooks, lectures, discussions, tests and grades will be part of your distant learning / self-study experience.

At the end of the course, you must take a proctored, timed and open book examination. Should you not pass the examination the first time, you will have two additional times to take the examination again.  

Re-test fees are $75.00.

Advantages of Studying through Distance Learning: 

1. It's Flexible: You can learn and study at the same time!  

2. Flexibility is the biggest advantage of distance learning courses. You can study at home or elsewhere. on line training consulting
machine guarding




Podojil & Associates Incorporated is proud to say our company and Columbia Southern University are "Learning Partners". What does this mean? It means that our courses could transfer to Columbia Southern University and earn credits towards earning your university degree. 

Columbia Southern University (CSU) is proud to offer Podojil & Associates, Inc. students and their immediate family members a 10% tuition discount.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated students receive these exclusive benefits, as well as their spouses and children. Affordable tuition rates, coupled with Ways to Save, provides recipients with a unique opportunity to achieve your academic goals within you budget and on your own terms.


With all degree programs offered completely online, there is no need for students to miss valuable time at work to attend a class or take a test. Our open enrollment and self-paced programs give students the flexibility to fit their education around their career and family commitments.


Visit the admissions section of our website to learn more about the benefits of achieving your educational goals with CSU. consulting on line training machine guarding

Why choose Podojil & Assoiates Incorporated Training?

One Stop Training Provider

Why choose Podojil & Associates Incorporated Training? Simply put, we're the most comprehensive e-learning and classroom training marketplace in the world.  We have one goal, and that is to provide a complete system from end-to-end while making the learning management system and process as simple as possible.

We believe that the focus of our organization should remain on education. 

Not only does Podojil & Associates Incorporated may have the ability transfer to leading universities like Columbia Southern University (CSU) and colleges, our company has also teamed with another leading provider of e-learning and our partner is 360 Training.  360 Training programs are recognized by ANSI / IACET third party accreditors.  When you sign on to our
Podojil & Associates Incorporated / 360 Learning Portal, you will see that this education can offer you many other vocational fields of study.  We are extremely proud to say that when 360 Training started in the United States, Podojil & Associates, Inc. was one of the first companies to offer their educational programs.  

Podojil & Associates Incorporated can proudly say that our team of professionals have built educational curriculum for the following OSHA Training Education Centers (OTIEC): University of California San Diego (UCSD OTIEC) San Diego, California State University Dominguez Hills (OTIEC) Carson California, College of Southern Nevada (OTIEC) who has since closed their OTIEC center and also Arizona State University (OTIEC). We are also proud to say that many of our team members use to teach there as well.  

Podojil & Associates Incorporated is also proud to say that members of our team also developed a two-year safety, health and environmental degree program for South Seattle Community College, Seattle Washington.

To help children stricken with cancer, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has allowed our educational programs to be used by the International Association of Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) since they contribute to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 

So, when it comes to educating people in the safety, health & environmental field, to the best of our knowledge no other consulting company in the safety, health or environmental field can offer you the experience and knowledge that we can.  Podojil & Associates’ Inc. offers many discounts on our educational programs. Need more information then email us off our website. 

Why choose Podojil & Associates Incorporated over the dozens of other safety, health or environmental companies that are currently operating in industry today? 
Well, here are 7 very important reasons:

1.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated has the reputation of being the industry leader when it comes to Safety, machine guarding, fall protection, construction safety, cranes & material handling equipment, electrical safety, ergonomics, and most of all, developing customized Accident Prevention & Safety programs and Manuals. Want to reduce your risks and Achieve Target Zero for Accidents?  We can show you how.

2.  To date,
 Podojil & Associates Incorporated has never had one of our safety programs, machine guarding designs, or specialized training programs fail an OSHA inspection.  Quite the contrary, to our competitor's services.  Our finished machine guarding program and training sessions are often complimented on during inspections.  First impressions are critical during an OSHA inspection! 

Why can we make this statement?  The reason that we can make this statement is simple; many of our Associates have worked for OSHA and know what to look for.  Can our competition say this?  Ask them the next time that you talk to them. 

3.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated programs and services are industry specific yet affordably priced for any company.  For example, we have yet to find a machine or safety hazard that we can not effectively safeguard or eliminate!

We have designed many of our machine safeguards ourselves and with the help of machine operators when we worked in industry.  Many of our competitors copy our designs and this is ok with Podojil & Associates Incorporated since we are always improving on our designs based on new technology and materials.  Most importantly, we talk to the machine operators who have to use them everyday.

4.  Our safety programs and machine safeguards are developed by a highly qualified team of OSHA and ANSI trained professionals, not manufacturing or equipment engineers who may not have specific knowledge of OSHA regulations.  For example, most safeguarding companies will sell you two hand controls and light curtains and tell you and your employees that they are now protected. 

These same companies never tell you or your employees that should a part break off the machine or the product that you are fabricating fly out of the machine, that these devices will not protect your employees from potential injury and maybe even expose others to the hazard. Podojil & Associates gives you a written risk analysis of the hazardous area. 

The Hierarchy of machine guarding and factory safety is not new to the manufacturing world it started is the 1800's.  

5.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated puts our money where our mouth is.  We use the very same products on our own family member's equipment and we educate our employees on the same safety programs that we sell out in the field when working onsite with our clients and their employees.

6. Our written safety manuals and self inspection checklist are actual compliance programs not a regulation cut and pasted into a Word® document as you so often find on the internet.

7.    Fast service.  You can have a written Accident Prevention & Safety Program, or Monthly Safety Meeting Topic program that offers you and your employees 12 months of safety, health and environmental topics (ACTION SAFETY) in one convenient package.  

We will return your calls. on line training


Why Take Our Courses?

Why Take Podojil & Associates Incorporated Distant Learning / Independent Study courses? The answer is simple, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated offers endless possibilities for learners, educators, and business partners. 

Podojil & Associates Incorporated offers the most comprehensive e-learning and classroom training marketplace in the world. We have one goal, and that is to provide a complete system from end-to-end while making the learning management system and process as simple as possible. We believe that the focus of our organization should remain on education. 

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is a leader in this field. Most consulting companies focus their attention of offering OSHA 10- & 30-hour training. Did you know that OSHA itself states on their website that this type of training does not meet OSHA mandated standards? You can find this information on OSHA website under FAQ - (Question - "Does OSHA outreach training meet any OSHA training". Answer - "No. Employers are responsible for training their workers on specific hazards of their job, as noted in many OSHA standards". A list of standards requiring training is found in OSHA Publication 2254 [PDF], "Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines." ) 

We will state that there are some States like the State of Nevada and employers and organized labor organizations that requires their employees and fellow workers to have it and Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has qualified OSHA Outreach Trainers that can provide these courses if needed. 

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated courses can transfer to leading universities and colleges, our company has also teamed with another leading provider of e-learning and out partner is 360 training. 360 training programs are recognized by ANSI / IACET third party accreditors. When you sign on to our 360 Learning Portal you will see that this education also comes from Podojil & Associates, Incorporated.  We are extremely proud to say that when 360 Training started in the United States, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated was one of the first companies to offer their educational programs.

Did you know that when the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers (OTIEC) started, Federal OSHA did not provide any educational programs to them or to the others that offer OSHA / OTIEC education? Surprised? I bet you are. These OSHA Training Institute Education Centers work like a franchise and each of them compete against each other for obtaining business. So, if you go to these educational centers, you will probably receive different levels of education depending of the trainer’s knowledge level.

Podojil & Associates Incorporated can say proudly that when our team of instructors taught at these training centers, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated owned and built educational curriculum for the following OSHA Training Institute Education Centers:   

University of California San Diego (UCSD OTIEC)

California State University Dominguez Hills (OTIEC) 

College of Southern Nevada (OTIEC) who has since closed.

Arizona State University (OTIEC).·  

Since OSHA does not offer these courses to the authorized OTIEC and they must build their own courses and since Podojil & Associates, Incorporated does not teach for the OTIEC any longer, these OTIEC that are listed above are no longer authorized to use our educational programs. Many of our team members use to teach there as well and some still do but they must use someone else’s programs and not ours. All our educational courses are copyrighted materials. 

Our company also built one the first Army Corps of Engineers EM-385.1 and Naval Facility Command (NAVFAC) courses. This course was not only offered by the OTIECs, it was also offered through Click Safety and we helped build their program as well. 

 Podojil & Associates, Incorporated also developed a two-year safety, health and environmental degree for South Seattle Community College, Seattle Washington.

 So, when you or your company is searching for an experienced educational provider, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated should be your first choice and partner when you need education in the safety, health or environmental field. 

To the best of our knowledge no other consulting company in the safety, health or environmental field or other fields can offer you the amount of education that we can. 

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated offers many discounts on our  programs. Need more information then complete our contact form that is posted on our site and a representative will contact you withing 48 hours.
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cost effective education

Course Pricing

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated courses are offered at a cost effective price.  If you have been to the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers (OTIEC) then you know how much they cost. With Podojil & Associates, Incorporated discounts on our courses which are similar to but our courses offers more depth in the subject matter I am sure that once you have taken our course, you will agree with me that you get more bang for your buck and our courses may have the ability to transfer for college credit, no one can beat our pricing.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Train the Trainer courses for example before discounts are applied are only $895.00.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Thomas Etter by completing our contact us form that is posted on the website.
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education digital badges

We Provide You With A Digital Badge For All of Your Training Taken From Our Company

What are Digital Badges?

 A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill,  quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments.  Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the  potential to help transform where and how learning is valued. 

The world is changing fast and, today more than ever, traditional  modes of assessment fail to capture the learning that happens everywhere and at every age. Digital badges are a powerful new tool for identifying and validating the rich array of people's skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. Digital badges inspire new pathways to learning and connect learners to opportunities, resources, and one  another. Digital badges are tokens that appear as icons or logos on a Web page or other online venue.  Digital badges are awarded by Podojil & Associates, Inc. and our authorized trainers to students who take our courses.  

In addition to the image-based design we think of as a digital badge, badges have meta-data to communicate details of the badge to anyone wishing to verify it, or learn more about the context of the achievement it signifies.  Some or all of this information will be displayed in a visual format wherever the badge is displayed, but it is also stored within the digital badge’s meta-data so it can be verified any time. 


How Do Digital Badges Add Value?

Badges represent a different or supplemental approach to traditional learning.  Students control their badges by choosing where to display them and determining  who can see them.  Badges can be especially useful for workers because they are able to show their own development in individualized ways on  different platforms.  A collection of badges can function as a  distributed portfolio of achievement that may be accessible from a variety of social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus.  

In this way, badges make learning and academic accomplishment  visible, which can be a significant factor in demonstrating knowledge and skills to a potential employer.  For more information on how we can help you build your professional backpack that you can take anywhere, take our courses and we will issue you the badge that can be seen and verified by anyone. 

The video below was downloaded off of you-tube with the owners consent. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ErAbVArIPE consulting machine guarding on line training


Safety, Health & Environmental Consultants - Accident Investigation Service

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated subject matter experts investigate accidents, injuries and near misses in the workplace. The situations we investigate internally for organizations are intended to identify why the incident occurred and the steps to take to prevent similar situations occurring in the future.

The reports we prepare for the legal practitioner can assist in establishing negligence or defending a negligent action.

Investigative Support

In investigating incidents internally for organizations and outside counsel, we identify the factors that contributed to the incident and detail control measures needed to prevent a recurrence. 

Our analysis identifies the range of factors that contributed to the incident; the type’s of factors we examine are:

Person factors - training, experience, activities, supervision, etc. 

Equipment factors - suitability, condition, design, maintenance, etc. 

Environmental factors - weather, work conditions, temperature, lighting, etc. 

Procedural factors - instructions, work practices, systems of work, etc. 

We also train management, safety, health & environmental professionals, safety, committees and others within organization on how to investigate accidents and incidents objectively to reduce the possibility of similar incidents reoccurring.

Expert Witness Reports

We investigate a range of injuries for both Defendant and Plaintiff matters in regard to personal injury. The reports we prepare have been used in establishing liability or helping bring the matters to settlement. 

As an Expert Witness our lead consultant John F. Podojil has over 45 years of direct experience in this area. The matters that he has prepared reports cover a wide range of injuries, both at work and in public places:

Manual material handling injuries 
Machine safeguarding accidents
Slips / trips / falls on surfaces and stairs 
Inhalation of hazardous fumes 
Violent attacks at work 
Repetitive strain injuries (referred  to as Occupational Overuse Syndrome) 
Falls from heights 
Construction Accidents 
Entrapment in machinery 
Injuries in high school and technical education classrooms
Struck-by tools and equipment 
Struck by falling merchandise in retain stores
Failure to provide standards of care
Wrongful death cases

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: You must be satisfied with the quality of our services, or you do not owe a fee.


Expert testimony highly regarded by attorneys, judges, and juries in commercial and personal injury cases.

At Podojil & Associates, Inc. We have taught OSHA Investigators how to conduct effective accident investigations.

Want to learn more about how we can help you win your case? 

Please visit our website: www.podojilandassociates.com or give us a call at (520) 568-5565.
consulting on line training machine guarding


Machine Safeguarding & Audits


Machine Safe Guarding Audits & Training

Our team: Certified Machine Guarding Safety Specialists, 

Our Certified Machine Safeguarding specialists will visit your plant to identify the tasks and hazardous points on your machines. We then recommend solutions for each identified hazard that stems from an ANSI/ISO Standard or OSHA regulation. A detailed report is provided that states all the dangerous points of the machine, the ANSI/ISO based solutions, We identify each machine by make, model number, serial number, we then take a photo of each hazardous condition that we find and provide you with both the risk category and regulatory justification.  Then we provide you our recommendations.  Our dedicated, full-time machine safeguarding experts have the experience and expertise to ensure your equipment meets international and regional safety standards.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated:

  • Works with your teams to develop regulatory compliance and uses best practices to reduce risk and preserve productivity
  • Assess and evaluate over 15,000 machines globally every year
  • Develop solutions that meet or exceed standards and regulations
  • Focus exclusively on machine guarding safety & training
  • Experts on applicable regulations, directives, and standards
  • Maintain or improve your productivity with creative safeguarding solutions

Our process depends on partnership. You know how to make your products, and we know how to make the machines that make those products safe. Together, we collaborate to develop and implement solutions that not only improve machine safety, but meet regulatory compliance and reduce your overall risk. Over the years, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable providers in the industry. We have worked with a number of fortune 500 companies ranging from Aerospace, Casino Gaming, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Packaging and Converting and many more industries.  Our machine safeguarding experts have worked for OSHA & State OSHA, Boeing, Allied Signal, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Lockheed Advanced Development Systems Company (Skunk Works, Northrup Grumman, and elsehere.   

At Podojil & Associates, Incorporated we developed and copyrighted the saying " Big or Small, We Can Safeguard Them All" consulting on line training


Energy Isolating Lockout & Tagout (LOTO) Services

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is proud to say that we audited and taught the Brady Corporation on how to conduct LOTO audits and install (LOTO) placarding.

Has Your Company Performed It Periodic LOTO Audit?
Every state requires the creation of machine specific lockout-tagout procedures to ensure equipment can be serviced without the threat of unexpectedly starting back up.  When authorized employees utilize machine specific lockout-tagout procedures, they are following a process that if followed correctly will protect their life every time.  There are minimum components that every procedure must include and recommendations from industry best practice that will ensure the procedures are not only optimized for safety, but also efficiency.

OSHA 1910.147(c)(6)(i) states that "The employer shall conduct a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure at least annually to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of this standard are being followed..." 

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has well over 145 years of combined knowledge in this field. We can help you fulfill your compliance requirements and protect your employees by ensuring your lockout, tagout and try-out procedures are error-free and allow your employees to safely deenergize equipment. Our safety and operational professionals will be your second pair of eyes verifying if any changes need to be made to your procedures to keep your program compliant.

Our Process

We will come on-site and compare machinery or other equipment and processes with your current procedures to verify the energy isolation points on the procedures are correct according to the machines or equipment's owners / operators and engineering drawings.
We will document any deficiencies we find during the process and document the audit. If applicable, we will also mark your written procedures with proof of audit. Once we have completed the audit you will receive a report detailing our findings. 

With your report in hand our field engineers can correct any necessary procedure revisions discovered during the audit with our Lockout Procedure Writing Services. 

Our team can also conduct your Authorized Employee Review to meet OSHA's Periodic Inspection requirement and see if employees are properly aware of and utilizing your lockout procedures. consulting on line training. 

Annual Lockout Procedure Audit

Annual audits of your lockout procedures are an OSHA requirement and a best practice to ensure your procedures remain up to date. Many times these audits are overlooked due to resource and time constraints. Let us take the pain out of the process and complete your Annual Lockout Procedure Audit.



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