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Safety, Health, Environmental Consulting Services

Safety, Health, Environmental Consulting Services

Safety, Health, Environmental Consulting ServicesSafety, Health, Environmental Consulting ServicesSafety, Health, Environmental Consulting Services

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International Association of Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals Training








ENERGY LOCKOUT, TAGOUT & TRYOUT (LOTO) ASSESSMENTS, MARKING & TRAINING.  "We are proud to say that we initially trained the Brady Company on Lockout, Tagout & Tryout  Program Development".








Services That we can provide and more


Mock OSHA Safety & Health Audits

Confined Space Assessments & Training 

Premise Liability Audits & Expert Witness Support

Machine Guarding Assessments & Remediation

Machine Safeguarding Training

Construction Safety & Health Assessments & Training

Technical Education Classroom Safety & Health  

Accident Investigation Services & Expert Witness Support

Energy Lockout, Tagout & Tryout (LOTO) Assessments, Markings, & Training

Excavation & Trenching Safety Assessments & Competent Person Training

Fall Prevention Assessments & Training

Forklift & Aerial Lift Assessments & Training

Healthcare Safety & Health Assessments & Custodial Training

Healthcare, Hotels & Resorts Laundry Assessments

And Much More Call For A Complete List of Our Services. 


Mock OSHA Inspections & safety & Health Audits

Podojil & Associates, Inc. Consultants Have Worked As OSHA So We Know What OSHA Looks For.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated consultants have worked for both Federal OSHA and State OSHA regulatory agencies and have also trained OSHA compliance officers and OSHA consultants on many of the different types of hazards that they may find in the workplace and their regulations. 

The purpose of the Mock OSHA Inspection is to help the location identify some of the possible areas that need improvement, with a primary focus on any potential hazards that are identified on OSHA’s top 10 most frequently cited deficiencies. A Mock OSHA inspection can help you identify areas where safety and health hazards/violations exist within your operations.

The intent of the Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Mock OSHA audit is to assist the facility in the following:

Assess the Safety & Health System against various selected OSHA standards/baselines.

Identify areas of opportunity to improve existing risk-control measures.

Prioritize task items that are likely to have an immediate impact on employee/contractor/visitor safety and health.

Safety audit elements are judged based on established industry standards. In addition, a number of Best Practices, ANSI, NEC and NFPA standards, are embedded due to applicable exposures. The observations and recommendations made are the result of practices and conditions observed and information made available to us at the time of our visit, and do not purport to refer to or guarantee compliance with local, state, or federal regulations, which may be applicable to such practices and conditions.

Mock OSHA Inspection And Report

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated consultants measures the degree of compliance with established criteria using professional judgment techniques. You will receive an overview of the findings of the Mock OSHA inspection at the end of the visit, along with recommendations for corrective action. The final report findings are based on conclusions derived from management and employee interviews, records and document checks, and operational tours.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated will conduct an OSHA standard based safety and Health audit of physical hazards for compliance with 1910 General Industry standards and / or 1926 Construction standards, and our consultants will also review of your written programs. 

Our consultants will also look at the following items during our inspection:  

Written plan and procedures 
Review of safety program documentation including accident investigations, near misses and OSHA 300 logs Policies and incentives
Inspections process including hazard identification, hazard analysis and control
Training and training application
Safety committee application
A physical inspection of the facility
Physical Inspection of equipment
Physical inspections of the building
Physical Inspection of all industrial equipment
Physical Inspection of electrical systems
Physical inspection of the emergency action plan
Physical inspection of PPE use and application
Physical inspection of required written programs and procedures
Corrective action report with regulatory references and physical violation photo
And much more

So if your company is looking for a true Mock OSHA inspection, let someone like Podojil & Associates, Incorporated consultants who have worked for OSHA conduct it for you.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (612) 801-1032 


IASHEP Partnership

Certified Education & Training

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated also has its own professional courses.  For more information on the courses that Podojil & Associates, Incorporated offers,  please use our contact form to sign up for our courses or to receive a Podojil & Associates, Incorporated course catalog.  No other company offers so many courses.  


IASHEP is a not-for-profit professional and international organization that provides education to people searching to improve their knowledge in the safety, health & environmental field.  Below are just some of their courses that IASHEP offers and can be taken through Podojil & Associates, Incorporated.


The International Association of Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) is dedicated to developing curriculum and instructing our students by teaching them the most up to date and technically advanced standards and information in the safety, health, and environmental field. It is our goal to be respected nationally for the quality of safety, health, and environmental professionals that we educate. Our signature programs and our offering of recognized professional credentials will have a national reputation for providing courses that will enable our students to develop effective safety, health and environmental risk management programs providing guidance to management and workers. Our ultimate goal is to help reduce the tragic loss of life and reduce accidents in the workplace.


Certified Behavior Based Safety Specialist(CBBS)​​

Certified Coastal Water Oil Spill Control Specialist - Tactical and Operations Level​​​

Certified Collateral Duty Specialist Course for Other Federal Agencies

Certified Confined Space Entry Specialist (Permit Required) 

Certified Confined Space Entry Specialist (CCSES)​​

Certified Construction Industry Training Specialist ( IASHEP 005

Certified Electrical Hazardous Location Healthcare Specialist (CESS-Healthcare

Certified Electrical Hazardous Location Specialist – High Voltage

Certified Electrical Safety Specialist (CESS)-Low Voltage

Certified Ergonomics Healthcare Specialist (CEHS)

Certified Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Specialist(CETS)

Certified Fall Prevention Training Specialist (CFPTS)

Certified Fall Protection and Elevated (Telecommunication Tower) Structures Safety Manager (CFPSM)

Certified General Industry Specialist ( IASHEP 115)

Certified High Voltage Electrical Specialist (CHVES)

Certified Hospital & Healthcare Custodial Specialist (CHCS

Certified Hospital & Healthcare Laundry Manager (CHLM)

Certified Hotel, Resort & Casino Specialist (CHRCS)

Certified Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Specialist (CH2ST)

Certified Laboratory Safety Specialist (CLSS)

Certified Laser Safety Course for Healthcare Workers (CLSHW)

Certified Machine Guarding Specialist (CMGS)​Certified Material Handling Specialist (CMHS)​

​Certified Occupational Industrial Hygiene Specialist Course

Certified Occupational Health & Safety Specialist (COHSS)

Certified OSHA Fall Protection Specialist Course

Certified Overhead Crane & Rigging Specialist (COCRS)

​Certified Personal Protective  Equipment Training Specialist

​​Certified Respirator Protection Specialist (CRPS)​

Certified Petroleum Environmental Health, Safety Specialist(CPEHSS)-Serviced & Drilling

​​Certified Petroleum Environmental Health, Safety Specialist(CPEHSS) oil & gas drilling Worker -Off Shore

​Certified Petroleum Safety, Health and Environmental Specialist (CPSHES) Refinery Systems

​Certified Process Safety Management Specialist 

Certified Qualified Electrical Worker Specialist (CQEWS) 

 ALL Technician Level Courses Distant Learning/Independent Study $295.00

Certified Accident Investigation Technician Course (CAIT)

Certified Active Shooter Prevention Technician (CASPT)

Certified Back Injury & Muscle Prevention Technician Course (CBMPT)

Certified Bloodborne Pathogens & Needlestick Technician (BPNT) 

Certified General Industry Safety Technician - 10 Hour (CGIST)

Certified Aerial Lift / Work Platform Operator Technician​

Certified Asbestos Craft Worker / Roofer Technician Course 

Certified Concrete and Masonry Technician ​

Certified Construction Safety Technician - 10 Hour (CCST) 

Certified Crane Rigging Technician (CCRT) 

Certified Dental Office - Infection Control Technician  

Certified DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Technician 

Certified Combustible Dust Control Safety Technician Course

Certified  Electrical PPE Safety & NEC 70 E Requirements Technician Course 

Certified NFPA 70-E Awareness Technician Course

Certified Electrical Bonding & Grounding Technician Course 

Certified Electrical Hazard Control Technician

Certified Electrical Safety Awareness Technician (CESAT) Course ​

Certified Electrical Safety For Laboratories 

Certified Ergonomics Awareness Technician Course 

Certified Ethylene Oxide in a Healthcare Technician Course

Certified Excavations and Trenching Construction Safety Technician  (CETT) 

Certified Expert Witness Technician Course

Certified Eye & Face Personal Protection Equipment Technician Course

​​Certified Fall Prevention Technician Course

​Certified Fire Prevention Technician (CFPT) Course ​

Certified Flame Resistant Clothing Specialist (CFRCS)

Certified Forklift Operator Technician Course  

Certified General Industry Safety Technician - 10 Hour (CCST) Course 

​​Certified GHS for Managers, Supervisors and Safety Personnel Trainer Course

​Certified Health Hazard Awareness Technician Course 

Certified Hand and Power Tools Technician Course 

Certified Hazardous Waste Technician Course 

​​Certified Hazwoper Technician (8-Hour) Course 

Certified Hazwoper First Responder Awareness Technician Training

Certified Hazwoper Technician (24 Hour) Course

Certified Hospital and Healthcare Custodial Technician Course 

Certified Healthcare Laundry Safety & Health Technician 

Certified HIPPA Health Technician Course 

Certified Ladder & Stepladder Safety Technician Course

Certified Lockout, Tagout & Tryout Safety Technician Course 

Certified Machine Guarding Technician Course 

Certified Mold Remediation Technician Course 


podojil & Associates, inc. premise liability support


Premise Liability Expert Services
Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has help reduce injuries in retail stores. When you or your family enters a Home Depot, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Menards, Lowes or other places like grocery stores, department stores, hospitals, government buildings, clients locations  or other public places you may have or not have noticed the change in the way safety has been changed in these public places and retail stores. 

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated, helped Fox News change an entire industry and we are proud to say that we have protected many people from being injured. Let’s look at how we became involved and how Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has made it safer for you and your family while shopping in these types of stores. Click on the link below to watch how you can prevent your family or others from being injured..

Now Let’s look at Premise Liability

Most personal injury cases are based on negligence, and premises liability cases are no exception. In order to win a premises liability case, the injured person must prove that the property owner was negligent with respect to ownership and/or maintenance of the property. In general, negligence means that the property owner failed to use reasonable care in connection with the property.
It's important to note that simply because you were injured on someone’s property does not mean that the property owner was negligent. Further, simply because the property might have been in an unsafe condition does not automatically mean that the property owner was negligent. You must show that the property owner knew or should reasonably have known that the premises were in an unsafe condition, and still failed to take proper steps to remedy the situation.

They involve high stacking. Items are often stacked 15 feet or more off the floor.

The stacked merchandise items are usually not secured.   Stores do not use devices like security bars, fencing, or shelf extenders  on high shelves to restrain merchandise because of the expenses involved  and the time it would take employees to use them.

These cases generally involve moving merchandise that  has been stacked unstably, moving items on one shelf in such a way that  items on an adjacent shelf fall, placing boxes of different sizes on top of each other, and stacking heavy items on top of lighter ones.

Failure to provide customers with any warning of potential danger.

Lack of employee training. Store personnel is often inadequately trained in proper stocking techniques or the recognition and  correction of the potential hazards of falling objects.

Slips, trips & fall accidents.

And many other types of unsafe conditions.

So, if you are a store owner and need someone to conduct an audit, we are the industry experts.  If you are an attorney or if you have been injured by someones negligence, give us a call, we may be able to help you. 


Machine Safeguarding assessments & online training

Podojil & Associates, Incrporated Machine Safeguarding Services

We Are The Industry Experts For Machine Safety.

Please click on this link to learn more about us.  Please ensure that you start from the beginning.  This is a small segment of a speech that I was asked to give for Hawaii OSHA and American Society of Safety Professionals 

Our team is always ready to help customers, discuss their unique applications, and solve their machine safeguarding needs. We are here to help businesses large and small address machine safety challenges and to remove the burden of managing the growing legal complexity of OSHA, ANSI, RIA and NFPA requirements from simple turnkey solutions to complex, build-to-spec customized solutions.

One call to Podojil & Associates, Incorporated can solve your OSHA machine guarding, risk assessment, and safety training needs. Since 1971, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has helped our clients (Lockheed Martin, Boeing Aerospace, Allied Signal Aerospace, General Electric Power System Group, Dyno-Nobel, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Systems (Skunk Works), Goodrich Aerospace, California Prison Industry Authorities (CAL-PIA), Lockheed Martin Missile Divisions, and many other businesses both large and small improve industrial workplace safety and become compliant with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RIA, and ISO/EN machine safety standards.  

Our consultants are the subject matter experts in the industry, each with more than 45 years’ experience in safety codes/standards compliance, machine guarding, risk assessment and safety training. Safety assessments shouldn't be overwhelming documents that leave businesses confused and unsure of what to do next. Our process is thorough and easy to understand so you can make the right follow-up decisions.

When assessing your machines and equipment, we determine compliance and risk based on:

OSHA regulations
Industry standards (ANSI, etc.)
Company specific guarding standards
Recognized hazards

After completing our assessment, we deliver a comprehensive personalized machine safeguarding report that clearly documents each piece of equipment with corresponding observations, machine safety or compliance issues, and a risk ranking to help you prioritize your safety plan. We determine the potential risk of each machine based on three key factors:

Frequency of use
Probability of injury
Severity of harm

As your full-service safety consultant, we walk you through each part of the assessment and help you understand the best options for creating a safety plan that will help fortify your workplace against risk. We'll then help you implement that plan so you can be fully compliant with a safer workplace that strengthens your bottom line.


Machine Guarding Training


Machine Guarding Training

Podojil & Associates, Inc. provides a variety of training courses to empower and protect your team in all machine safety, machine guarding and U.S. Safety Standards compliance matters. Our training courses can be a half-day program or a multi-day seminar, all depending on your company’s specific needs. 

A course can be as simple as discussing and interpreting OSHA safeguarding and safety interlock circuits.  However, our training can also cover more complex machine safety issues, successfully covering OSHA nuances, Control Reliability, application of ISO safety standards, risk reduction, and risk management / liability considerations.  "Big or Small Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Can Guard Them All". 


Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is an international occupational safety and health consulting and educational / training organization which provides program development, site assessments,course development and training programs on a global basis.  The organizational mission is to provide a framework for providing a "one stop shop" for developing and delivering high quality occupational safety and health programs and training to workers around the world in order to reduce fatalities, injuries, and illness. 

No Boundaries - Consulting and Training Conducted Anywhere in the World.

This mission is achieved by conducting instructor-led classroom, onsite and online training courses.  Podojil & Associates, Incorporated works with and supervises affiliate training organizations and consultants worldwide to offer Podojil & Associates, Incorporated programs and courses and authorizing Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Authorized Trainers to conduct our introductory, intermediate and specialty level courses at locations worldwide.  Podojil & Associates, Incorporated programs and courses are not limited by geographical jurisdictions like other consulting and training organizations. Our services and courses can be conducted anywhere in the world. 

Podojil &Associates, Incorporated courses range from one (1) hour to forty (hours in length.  These courses are available to meet the needs of workers and employers who would like to benefit from the Podojil & Associates, Incorporated curriculum, but are unable to attend multi-day courses.  Topics include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Ergonomics
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Safety and Health Systems

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated also conducts advanced level courses, which are three (3) to five (5) days in length.  The topics for these courses include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Confined Space
  • Crane Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Excavation and Trenching Safety
  • Fall Protection, Hazardous Materials
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Machine Guarding
  • Maritime Safety
  • Oil and Gas
  • Safety Leadership
  • Scaffolding

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated also has trainer courses, which are three (3) to five (5) days in length depending on the topic.  These courses include the trainer authorization courses, which include the following.

  • Construction Safety Trainer
  • General Safety Trainer 


Technical Educations classroom audits and support

Please watch this short "You Tube Video" on our company.  We have worked with WCCO Channel 4 in Minnesota and have educated well over 2500 technical education instructors on safety of machinery in their Jr. High, High schools and Technical Colleges.  Our company has also worked with the University of Minnesota who received a grant given by NIOSH to help employers lower their injuries in their places of employment due to unsafe conditions. 

 Podojil & Associates, Incorporated. is the nations leading expert in providing safety solutions to schools. Our consultants have worked with many school districts in Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Washington State, Texas, Wisconsin, and throughout the country of Canada.

Our experience has shown us that in a typical industrial technology classroom, students and instructors unnecessarily face hazards daily caused by: 

Improperly guarded machine power  transmission systems 

Improperly guarded machine points of operation 

Improperly located and poorly marked  machine controls 

Everyone agrees that learning a life skill is paramount in a student’s education. Whether students choose to be Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, or Research Scientists, or perhaps decide to stay in the industrial or construction market, learning these skills should be done in a safe school environment.

Podojil & Associates Incorporated believes that learning this life skill should be done in a Technical Education classroom that is free from recognized hazards. 

For example, if a student is learning machine operations, they should be operating equipment that is safe. Our statistics prove that 98% of all machinery found in a classroom environment does not meet minimum safety standards. We found that once we have worked with a school district to guard their machinery, the teacher and student achieved:

An understanding of how to use properly guarded machines 

An appreciation for the positive  effect of workplace regulations 

Realistic experience with applied ergonomics and control design 

Reduced hazards of overcrowded  classes by allowing teachers to focus on instruction knowing that he safety remediation has been completed.

Effective Learning Environment

Podojil & Associates Incorporated is a full-service company. We are known as the machine guarding and safety experts for the schools throughout the country. We are a “one stop shop” featuring products designed in accordance with environmental, health, and safety requirements to help prevent accidents in school classrooms. 

Podojil & Associates Incorporated common-sense approach to improving safety and reducing accidents with new products and instruction techniques results in a school shop environment that improves learning. It teaches students to recognize and work effectively with properly guarded equipment that is required in business.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and similar state-plan OSHA laws, require employers to provide a safe and healthful working environment. To help achieve this, the school district or employer must train employees and supervisors on literally dozens of safety and health related topics. Podojil & Associates Inc. specializes in the following training courses: 

Machine guarding 

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) 

OSHA electrical safety (lock-out, tag-out & try-out) Subpart S 

NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation) compliance preparation.

Technical Education Classrooms Special Offer:  Podojil & Associates Incorporated is offering a special consulting program for schools. For a nominal fee, a Podojil & Associates Incorporated professional safety, health or environmental consultant will perform a comprehensive safety inventory of each piece of powered equipment located in the classrooms and maintenance rooms of each school in the district.

A detailed report is compiled for each classroom, which includes: 

Color photos of each machine 

Each piece of powered machinery identified, listing its make, model and serial number 

A clear description of hazards posed by each machine 

Hazard corrections are researched  with the recommended corrections to abate each hazard detailed 

Appropriate regulatory justification for each hazard 

Regulatory justifications for hazard abatement are referenced by utilizing:

Federal  OSHA (Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 

NFPA  (National Fire Protection Association) 

NEC  (National Electric Code) 

ANSI  (American National Standards Institute)
After submitting the report, a Podojil & Associates, Incorporated safety professional will meet with you to discuss the contents in detail and develop the required hazard remediation process to meet your budget  and schedule timelines. 

The Consultation Division of Podojil & Associates, Incorporated  works closely with the guarding, manufacturing and installation divisions to provide you with a detailed management plan of  the necessary repairs needed for each machine.  

A quotation is developed to implement the agreed upon process. 

Reduced liability. Having this survey performed by our experts will reduce the potential liability to a school district. 

Need more information? Please call our Arizona office at 612) 801-1032 and we can send you further pricing or additional information. Our consultants are the best in the school safety business. 


Construction safety assessments & training

Construction Services

Construction Support Services & Construction Training

Defining construction project needs through comprehensive evaluation of existing building design and operations.  Podojil & Associates, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to handle any construction safety, health or environmental issues.  Some of our team members worked for both federal OSHA and State OSHA regulatory agencies. 

Our team has also built and taught the General Industry and Construction curriculum for four (4) leading OSHA Training Institute Education Centers (OTIEC) Not many consultants can say this but Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has been teaching construction safety and health since OSHA started.  So, if you are searching to hire the right consulting company then look no farther.   

All of our training is delivered by our highly qualified safety consultants, who are are based all over the United States and have qualifications such as:   Former OSHA Compliance Officers and consultants,  Certified Safety Professionals (CSP),  Special Government Employees (SGE), Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers, Construction Safety and Health Technicians (CSHT), Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Bilingual Speaking Trainers Graduate Safety Practitioners (GSP), First Aid/CPR/AED Instructors, Hazwoper Trainers, Safeland, Expert Witnesses & Accident Investigation Specialists And many more! 

The Complete Package Podojil & Associate, Incorporated provides the link between your business and sustainability goals, objectives and your project through design, development, construction, commissioning and operation. We assist you in meeting your unique cost, schedule and quality requirements.  Podojil & Associates, Incorporated brings continuity and in-depth expertise through a single source. 

Delivering a combination of services, technologies, methodologies and expertise, we help you maintain your competitive edge in the global marketplace. 

Managing from Beginning to End Our approach begins with concept development. During these initial planning sessions with your key players, we define the requirements specific to your project. After, we work with you step-by-step through design, construction and commissioning. We ensure items such as design plans and specifications are complete, cost estimates and budgets are managed, schedules are followed, appropriate permits are obtained, and risks are mitigated.

Our years of experience in construction support from simple to complex construction projects assure that your project will be completed according to your expectations.  Whether you are an insurer, owner, general contractor (GC), construction management firm (CM), or specialized sub-contractor, you know the importance of proper and specific construction safety training.  Predictive Solutions can be configured to meet your specific construction site safety requirements.

With our solutions your company can; Adapt to meet your specific construction site safety requirements to create action plans that are unique to your business. Quickly collect and submit inspection information anytime, anywhere – on or offline - for greater efficiency. Gain visibility and insights from the field in minutes to make faster and more informed decisions. Increase safety in your construction industry by identifying hazardous areas instantly to quickly address and reduce risk. Transform paper checklists into mobile forms to automate jobsite processes. 

Whether you’re embarking on a long-term construction project or planning a short-term build, our highly qualified safety, health & environmental specialists can help with your construction safety program. We offer a wide range of customized consulting support to plan, implement, and manage your projects. 

Services for All Construction Phases Our construction safety services include: Onsite Safety Program Management Written OSHA Programs, Training, and Inspections PPE, Respirator, and Fit Testing Hoisting, Rigging, Scaffolding, and Fall Protection Permits for Hot Work, Confined Space, and Lockout/Tagout Safety Trenching and Excavation Detailed Recordkeeping and Reporting Assistance with Third-Party Qualification for Contractor/Supplier Management ,

Areas of Expertise • Owner’s Representative: Spokesperson for owner as required throughout the design and construction process. 

• On-Site Job Safety Representative: Resolving issues on-site as they arise. 

• Program Construction Safety Management: Supervising projects from beginning to end.

 • Cost Estimating and Budgeting: Accurately analyzing expenses for the project and managing to the budget throughout.

 • Client and Facility Operations: Providing customized facility solutions to improve quality and reduce overhead costs. Whatever the need, Podojil & Associates Incorporated team of subject matter experts has the solutions you need. 


OnLine Educational Opportunities

Online Education Information


Looking to upgrade your skills or start a new career? Through our comprehensive training library developed by subject matter experts who are certified professionals in their industry, you can be well on your way to reach the finish line and achieve your learning goals. No matter what your schedule looks like, you'll be able to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office. Our auto-bookmarking feature within our courses ensures that you'll never lose your progress and with built-in knowledge checks and exams, you'll be able to retain information and implement these critical skills into your work life. Learning has never been this simple with our easy-to-use online platform.

We believe It's never too late for a new beginning, so even if you are looking for new career opportunities and you have the will to succeed then we encourage you to take your first step and let your journey toward professional improvement start today! Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is an excellent source for online training.  We're a Leader in E-Learning.

We offer over 6,000 regulated and non-regulated courses for your career development. As a one stop shop for all your on-demand and classroom career development learning, We were one of the first companies to be accepted by 360 On-Line Learning & OSHA Outreach Program for issuing official DOL OSHA course completion cards for a Web-based OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety course.

We offer many different types of courses.  Not only does Podojil & Associates, Incorporated have own own professional classroom courses and on-line courses that may be able to transfer to Columbia Southern University and other colleges and universities, but we are a provider all types of vocational training as well.  Follow this link to look at our other on-line courses. 


  • We now also offer the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety and OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety courses online.

  • You can satisfy 8-hour refresher requirements with our online HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher course and many more courses.

The backbone of our course-ware is our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) featuring a user-friendly interface, automated recordkeeping, online report generation, organizational hierarchies for large clients, the ability to assign training roles to students, and many more new features. The LMS doesn't simply meet the industry standards, it exceeds them! 

Need safety, health & environmental training materials?  We can provide them for you.  Please look at our online store.  Not many safety, health & environmental consulting companies can offer what we do.  This is why we are the leader in this field of work. 


Excavation & Training Compentent Person Training

Litigation Support

 In compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1926.650 subpart P regulations, this excavation training is required for workers and supervisors who work in trenches and excavations. OSHA requires that at least one person be trained as a competent person for excavation sites.

This excavation and trenching training covers the OSHA Excavation Standard and safety and health aspects of excavation and trenching. Course topics include practical soil mechanics and its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavations, introduction of various types of shoring (wood timbers and hydraulic), soil classification, and use of protective systems.

Testing methods are discussed in the use of instruments such as penetrometers, torvane shears, and engineering rods. Upon course completion students will have the ability to assess their employer’s compliance with the OSHA Excavation Standard, utilize soil testing methods to classify soil types, determine protective systems for excavation operations, and training requirements.

For more Information Give Us A Call at (612) 801- 1032


Accident Investigation services

Accidents Are Not An Unplaned Event - They Are All Planed and Can Be Prevented.

Our incident/accident investigation service is one that hopefully we will never have to help you with.  Unfortunately, when the worst happens incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can aggravate the problem and increase your potential liability.

More importantly inexperienced and influenced investigators often overlook the true cause of incidents and therefore miss the opportunity to prevent future incidents.

For many high potential incidents, you cannot afford to have anything but an impartial investigator determining the incident causation. To prevent recurrences of similar incidents the investigator must be able to find all possible answers to the question, “why did the incident happen?”


Our impartial investigators do not have any vested interest in the outcomes of the investigation and can therefore objectively find the root causes. Our professional investigators are trained to objectively investigate any incident you may encounter. From a near miss to a fatality!


Podojil & Associates Incorporated subject matter experts investigate accidents, injuries and near misses in the workplace. The situations we investigate internally for organizations are intended to identify the who, what, why, when, where and how the incident occurred and the steps to take to prevent similar situations occurring in the future. The reports we prepare for the legal practitioner can assist in establishing negligence or defending a negligent action.


In investigating incidents internally for organizations and outside counsel, we identify the factors that contributed to the incident and detail control measures needed to prevent a recurrence. Our analysis identifies the range of factors that contributed to the incident; the types of factors we examine are:

· Person factors - training, experience, activities, supervision, etc. 

· Equipment factors - suitability, 

· Fall condition, design, maintenance, etc. 

· Environmental factors - weather, work conditions, temperature, lighting, etc. 

· Procedural factors - instructions, work practices, systems of work, etc.

We also train persons within organization on how to investigate incidents objectively to reduce the possibility of similar incidents occurring.

Expert Witness Reports

We investigate a range of injuries for both Defendant and Plaintiff matters regarding personal injury. The reports we prepare have been used in establishing liability or helping bring the matters to settlement. As an Expert Witness John F. Podojil has had over 45 years’ experience in this area. 


Podojil & Associates, Incorporated. has prepared reports that cover a wide range of injuries, both at work and in public places:

· Manual material handling injuries 

· Machine guarding accidents

· Slips / trips / falls on surfaces and stairs 

· Inhalation of hazardous fumes 

· Violent attacks at work 

· Repetitive strain injuries (referred to as Occupational Overuse Syndrome) 

· Falls from heights 

· Electrocutions

· Construction Accidents 

· Entrapment in machinery 

· Injuries in technical education classrooms

· Struck-by tools and equipment 

· Struck by falling merchandise in retain stores

Want to learn more about how we can help you win your case? Please visit our website: www.podojilconsulting.com or give us a call at (520) 568-5565. 


Energy Lockout & Tagout Services


Energy Isolating Lockout & Tagout (LOTO) Services

Has Your Company Performed It Periodic LOTO Audit?  

Every state requires the creation of machine specific lockout-tagout procedures to ensure equipment can be serviced without the threat of unexpectedly starting back up.  When authorized employees utilize machine specific lockout-tagout procedures, they are following a process that if followed correctly will protect their life every time. There are minimum components that every procedure must include and recommendations from industry best practice that will ensure the procedures are not only optimized for safety, but also efficiency.    

OSHA 1910.147(c)(6)(i) states that "The employer shall conduct a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure at least annually to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of this standard are being followed..." 

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has well over 150 years of combined knowledge in this field. We can help you fulfill your compliance requirements and protect your employees by ensuring your lockout, tagout and try-out procedures are error-free and allow your employees to safely deenergize equipment. Our safety and operational professionals will be your second pair of eyes verifying if any changes need to be made to your procedures to keep your program compliant.

Our Process

We will come on-site and compare machinery or other equipment and processes with your current procedures to verify the energy isolation points on the procedures are correct according to the machines or equipment's owners / operators and engineering drawings.  

We will document any deficiencies we find during the process and document the audit. If applicable, we will also mark your written procedures with proof of audit. Once we have completed the audit you will receive a report detailing our findings. 

With your report in hand our field engineers can correct any necessary procedure revisions discovered during the audit with our Lockout Procedure Writing Services. 

Our team can also conduct your Authorized Employee Review to meet OSHA's Periodic Inspection requirement and see if employees are properly aware of and utilizing your lockout procedures. 


Healthcare Safety & Health Assistance

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 Hospitals reported 248,200 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses to their personnel. The incidence rate in 2018 for hospitals was 6.9 injuries and   illnesses per 100 full-time workers while the incident rate for industry was  3.7 injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers.
The most frequently cited violations in the healthcare industry were bloodborne pathogens, formaldehyde, record-keeping forms and recording criteria,   housekeeping, hazardous waste disposal, personal protective equipment and hazard communication plus more depending on how large your facility is.
We pride ourselves on having professional staff that are capable of carrying out their duties with industry-leading competency levels and unparalleled customer service.
Beginning with our selection process and during training, our auditors go through several rigorous practices before they are sent into the field. This   prepares them to perform the efficient and detailed audits needed to carry out the rest of our consulting process.

The  first step in our auditing program is to come into your facility with our team of healthcare professionals and perform a base line audit so that we can let you know exactly how your facility compares to other like facilities.

Armed with self-collected, unbiased data and comparable benchmarks, Podojil & Associates Incorporated auditors can provide insightful and relevant recommendations   that lead to overall improvements in cleaning performance. Including identification of bacterial hot spots and other ways to increase monthly assessment scores. Our audit reports give a snapshot of current performance   and provide detailed corrective action follow up points. 

Following the initial audit, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated will also provide you with a proposal on what we recommend for your facility so that you can perform cleaning audits internally or to hire our company to perform your cleaning  audits on a monthly basis. You could also choose a combination of both where you perform audits and Podojil & Associates, Incorporated comes in on a quarterly or less frequent basis to monitor the internal audit process.

Our third-party independent auditing accountability program guarantees that you will know exactly how clean your facility is. Organizations can monitor their progress and continue to make gradual improvements to their cleaning strategies.


Healthcare, hotels and resorts laundry audits

Additional Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 Hospitals   reported 248,200 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses to their   personnel. The incidence rate in 2014 for hospitals was 6.9 injuries and   illnesses per 100 full-time workers while the incident rate for industry was  3.7 injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers.

 The most frequently cited violations in the healthcare industry were bloodborne  pathogens, formaldehyde, recordkeeping forms and recording criteria, housekeeping, hazardous waste disposal, personal protective equipment and  hazard communication.

We pride ourselves on having professional staff that are capable of carrying out their duties with   industry-leading competency levels and unparalleled customer service.

 Beginning with our selection process and during training, our auditors go  through several rigorous practices before they are sent into the field. This   prepares them to perform the efficient and detailed audits needed to carry out the rest of our consulting process.

The  first step in our auditing program is to come into your facility with our team of healthcare professionals and perform a base line audit so that we can   let you know exactly how your facility compares to other like facilities.

Armed with self-collected, unbiased data and comparable benchmarks, Podojil &  Associates Incorporated auditors can provide insightful and relevant recommendations that lead to overall improvements in cleaning performance. Including  identification of bacterial hot spots and other ways to increase monthly assessment scores.  Our audit reports give a snapshot of current performance and provide detailed corrective action follow up points. 

Following the initial audit, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated will also provide you with  a proposal on what we recommend for your facility so that you can perform  cleaning audits internally or to hire our company to perform your cleaning  audits on a monthly basis. You could also choose a combination of both where  you perform audits and Podojil & Associates, Incorporated comes in on a quarterly  or less frequent basis to monitor the internal audit process.

Our third-party independent auditing accountability program guarantees that you will know exactly how clean your facility is.  Organizations can monitor their  progress and continue to make gradual improvements to their cleaning strategies. 



There are several obstacles that incarcerated adults must face upon their release from prison, including the prospect of unemployment. A lower level of educational attainment, an absence of a steady history of employment, and a lack of vocational skills can hinder efforts to find a job and make a decent wage. Providing educational programming and vocational training to adults while they are in prison can help them overcome these challenges by fostering the skills needed to find employment.   

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has provided workplace assessments of correctional institutions and has also developed vocational & educational courses that can be offered in various trade industries, including safety, health & environmental studies building maintenance, carpentry, electrical trades, painting, plumbing, food service/culinary arts, custodial maintenance, masonry, welding, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The type of vocational training available in a prison will depend on inmates’ interests, availability of teaching staff, and funding.  Podojil & Associates, Incorporated can also offer on-line educational & vocational training and distant learning opportunities.


Department of transportation & IATA's Dangerous Goods Regs.

Additional Information

Hazmat DOT and IATA regulations must be followed by any organization involved in the transportation of hazardous materials; including those shipping, preparing, receiving, or repairing tanks used in the transport of hazardous materials. Mandatory training according to federal DOT regulations is required by those that perform work covered by the Hazardous Materials Regulation (HMR; 49 CFR 172.700). Get trained comprehensive, online training from Podojil & Associates, Inc. 

The DOT Training programs at Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is designed to teach professional drivers the necessary knowledge in compliance with the requirements of the US Department of Transportation. It touches on topics relevant to the practice of professional and commercial driving such as driving skills, safety on the road, dealing with hazardous substances, transportation of dangerous goods and cargo security.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) primary mission is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses. Two key ways they do so is by developing and enforcing motor carrier safety regulations and by using safety information systems, such as the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative, to focus on high risk carriers in enforcing regulations.

With CSA, more data about drivers and motor carriers is tracked, tracking is more effective, and the FMCSA intervenes more quickly to correct motor carriers who are not meeting the federal motor carrier safety requirements.

As a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver, you should expect your motor carrier to shine a spotlight on your safety record, since what you do has a direct impact on what happens to the motor carrier. As an owner-operator or manager, you should expect more interactions between the FMCSA and individual motor carriers.

Are you ready for the rules of the road? Make sure you know what is expected of you on the road and in the operations of your motor carrier! 

The Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV ) and the Commercial Motor  Carrier Management (CMC) courses in our catalog address a number of regulatory Parts of 49 CFR and best practices that impact CMV safety - some geared to drivers, others to management as well as other roles, such as dispatchers and mechanics. Our specialty courses cover the following 49 CFR Parts, and more:

  • Part 382 – Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing
  • Part 383 – Commercial Driver's License Standards; Requirements and Penalties
  • Part 387 – Minimum Levels of Financial Responsibility for Motor Carriers
  • Part 390 – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; General
  • Part 391 – Qualifications of Drivers and Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver Instructions
  • Part 392 – Driving of Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Part 393 – Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation
  • Part 395 – Hours of Service of Drivers
  • Part 396 – Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance

We are continuously developing new courses to add to our Catalog. Please check back often to see what new courses we've added.

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